The $3 LED Lightbulb


Those brits! Always inventing such crazy stuff like Fawlty Towers and The Office!

This time around, researchers at Cambridge University have designed an LED-based lightbulb that costs a mere $3 and has a 100,000 hour lifespan. Very impressive, considering that my current fucking lightbulbs tend to burn out after three months. Researchers say the bulb could also help lower electricity bills.

It should be available in, let’s see, about two to three years. Not too shabby, but not soon enough.


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  1. I will be waiting for those Leds Bulbs

  2. Interesting.

    But did you really need to insert profanity? It exposes an inability for you to be taken seriously.

  3. “Researchers say the bulb could also help lower electricity bills”. Why is the inclusion of the word “could” there? Is it because these bulbs can’t lower bills? The addition of this word makes it possible that these bulbs won’t lower bills. Also, no mention of the light output is made. This article belongs to distributors of information that have a very low bar. I must question that true value of this site as a valuable provider of reliable information and wonder if it is distributing misleading information. SS

  4. And just what does use of the F word add to the story?

  5. I assume your fucking is too strong,sir.lower your fucking and the bulbs won’t burn out.Worked for me.

  6. Cheaper LED lights mean indoor growing in Northern climates! Fresh home grown greens all year long! No more jet fuel wasted bringing in fresh veggies! We will simply heat large greenhouses with “waste-heat” from Nuclear installations, and LED then to life supporting greenhouses in step with local economic scales and grow our own! Sweden already harnesses “waste-heat” now! With LED lights and timers I can economically extend my current growing season to include a larger variety of fruits and veggies! Price of LED bulbs to date has been too high to be practical, but at $3.oo each, and probably less in large amounts things are starting to look good for me! Indoor hydroponics and even aquaponics may even get a boost! Soon, with all the technological advances coming out, mankind will easily live off-grid, and have time for music, song, dance drugs and drunkenness, as G d intended and the nasty, exploiting capitalists will go away too! All we need now is super insulation, and Obama’s health care and life could get very very good!

  7. Quit fucking crying about using the word Fuck.

  8. @Bob Rand:

    I’ll say this first so you can understand, then I’ll dumb it down to how people like Anon here would say it:

    Sadly, the usage of profanities is extremely commonplace nowadays, so much so that some would consider it odd if this article didn’t have at least one swear.


    Everybody fucking swears, you fucking dumbass n00bs. Fuck.

    Though I hardly think I need to include the second one, Anon seems quite capable of failing on his own.

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