FitWall The Fitness Start Up You Will Hate

Going to the gym is hard work…if it was easy then more people would do it regularly, but for those with the determination, Fitwall is determined to make working out more efficient.


The problem with gym going as a newbie doesn’t only lie in the concept of commitment but also in the lack of knowledge of gym going newbies. Frequently new gym goers overexert themselves and end up burning out and even damaging their muscles in the process. The FitWall is a new start up that is designed to work with individuals to ensure that they are working out just as hard as they need to to get a premium workout.

Individuals working out with the Fitwall are fitted with heart rate monitors that feature target heart rates for each individual and track that heart rate as exercisers take part in gravity based exercises. Each individual gets their workout traced in real time and helps exercisers to maintain their target heart rate rather than exceed it and push themselves too hard.

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