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Please Tell Your Pet To Put Down The Fork

Your pet eats its emotions. That much is clear. What sort of pet needs to use a Buddha Bed as their sleeping cushion? Pet obesity is serious business. I’d like to talk to you about your fat pet for a moment. Please, avert your pet’s eyes away from the screen for a few moments. It’s probably not your fault. Who ...

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Saving The Environment, One Workout At A Time

David Butcher is one cool dude. Every day, he exercises for 45-minutes on a pedal-powered generator that powers his laptop computer, a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner and compact fluorescents. However, he’s not the only one making use of this eco-friendly approach to powering electronic equipment. A new gym in Portland, Oregon utilizes a similar approach to building up energy.� Personal ...

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The River Gym Makes My Bowels Move

“Staten Island? No problem! Brooklyn? Great! Come the fuck over and exercise before we sink!” This is the dialogue I would imagine would appear on TV to advertise the River Gym. What’s the River Gym? Oh, allow me to explain. See, it’s a floating boat-type deal with a gym built into it. People work out and not only do they ...

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