Making Remote Working Work For You

There are loads of perks with working from home: you can totally eliminate the mundane and hectic commute to work and for another you can get a little extra lie in and enjoy all the comforts of being in your own home.

That said, with all the comforts of home working, the temptation is all too present not to do any work at all. There are loads of distractions which can prevent you from being productive from watching the TV to doing the laundry and other domestic chores.

These top tips for productive working from home from Conference Genie suggest a range of helpful pointers to keep you in your work frame of mind – ensuring that you get the most from your remote working.


Peace and quiet

One way to keep distractions to a minimum is to set some working hours. If you generally work nine-to-five in the office, then consider sticking to the same schedule when you’re working from home. Knowing that you need to be at your desk for a certain time means you avoid the temptation to spend the morning watching TV and getting to work around lunch time.

Many people who are used to working from home boast about the fact they can spend the day working in their pyjamas, from the sofa, without taking a shower. While this might suit plenty of people, others can find it tricky to switch into a working headspace in which case it might be better to get up, shower and dress for work.

There are other drawbacks to working from home too. If you predominantly work from home with the occasional office visit then it’s easy to feel a bit isolated without any office banter or even water-cooler chat to keep your spirits up.

Stepping out

If you’re getting a bit of cabin fever from being holed away in the house, then it’s a good idea to get out of the house for a while. Just as you would probably nip out for a sandwich at lunch if you were working in the office, you should aim to take at least a half hour break so you can get a breath of fresh air and get away from your work for a while.

It’s also a good idea to have regular phone calls with colleagues and clients. Even though there’s a temptation to conduct everything by email, the odd phone conversation can reduce any feelings of being socially starved.

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