Paying Respects To Ray Dolby 1933 – 2013

If you are a serious audiophile then the chances are that you already know who Ray Dolby is. If not, you probably do recognize his surname and you would be correct in making that connection. Today we tip our hats to the recently passed Ray Dolby, father of the Dolby noise reduction system.

Ray Dolby was born in 1933 and made his life’s work in various components of the audio industry. The most recognized accomplishment of Dolby was released in 1966 – the Dolby noise reduction system that changed the face of recording as the world knew it. Dolby’s revelation reduced the hum that was recognized in recording studio productions and resulted in a much cleaner and crisper recording.

The Dolby noise reduction system was not Dolby’s only creation however, he was also creator of some of the world’s first surround sound systems which revolutionized the movie watching experience both in homes and in theaters!

On September 12, 2013, Ray Dolby passed away as a result of leukemia. At the time of his passing, Dolby was suffering from Alzheimer’s and was 80 years old. Dolby passed on in his San Francisco home.

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