Amazon Prime Air Offers Drone Delivery?

It’s as though we have become the laziest people in the entire universe and nowhere is this more apparent than with Amazon PrimeAir.

Amazon Prime Air

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Jeff Bezos noted that Amazon has been working to create an even faster shipping method than their current Prime option that offers free two day delivery or upgraded overnight deliver for an additional fee. The new delivery option, Amazon PrimeAir focuses on utilizing octocopters like the one pictured above, to deliver orders within a thirty minute time frame.

According to Bezos, the project is still in the research and development stage and may not even be seen until 2015 due to the FAA, but that seems to be an optimistic approximation. Bezos says it could be another four or five years until the process is ready to launch.

So just what will the octocopters be able to deliver? Obviously not larger items, but according to Amazon, the octocopters would be a greener way to deliver smaller items within a ten mile radius when compared to truck delivery. The fleet of drones are all electric and make deliveries based on GPS coordinates.

We’re not so sure about a lot of things when it comes to this plan but it does seem pretty futuristic which is neat, but neat may not be enough to excuse just how ridiculous this plan actually seems. I mean, good God, are we really that impatient that we can’t wait for overnight delivery or, gasp, go to the store? Sure, there are a few incidences where drone delivery may seem practical but all in all with such a limited delivery area, it seems like drone delivery is just another way for a big corporation to spend their money playing with toys.

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