Popcorn Apocalypse

Robert Krulwich can't believe Kevin Kelly is correct about technologies never disappearing. But even if it's true, are past results a guarantee of future progress?

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Automated Infrastructure

A sleek, design-fictional robot railway inspector promises to make costly train derailments a thing of the past. It's a harbinger of the ambient, automated infrastructure to comeand a reminder that the future lies in the inevitable and necessary failure of beautiful ideas. Video after the jump.

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Cyborgs R Us?

In an age of ever-more fantastic gadgets, it's becoming received wisdom that we're all cyborgs now. But as implant hacker Lepht Anonym reminds us, the original vision of the term was dangerous and feral. Videos after the jump.

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Happiness: Feature or Bug?

The bicycle rider always wants a car, Kevin Kelly reminds us in What Technology Wants. But the car won't make him happierand if what technology wants is autonomy, it may be advised against the pursuit of happiness.

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Reality is Broken, Beautifully

Reviewing Reality is Broken, Jane McGonigal's manifesto of gaming for a better world, Ian Bogost realizes that he likes the messy, repellent, stunning reality we've got.

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