Automated Infrastructure

—It will probably need to be lightly weaponized, to keep people from screwing with it or riding on it.

—There’s no reason for the middle connector piece. As long as it’s fictional, there’s no reason we can’t imagine putting the cpu and batteries into single-rail units traveling independently up and down the line.

—These things are going to exist. Versions of them will be everywhere: bahn-bots annotating potholes; citywide roombas snuffling up cigarette butts and shopping bags; Meadowlands-minders vagrantly scanning for illegal garbage dumps and the putrefaction of dead bodies. The infrastructure will be automated, ambient, and invisible.

—When you start imaging these things broken down and lying in the damp with weeds poking up around them, then you’re thinking about the future. —via Behance

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  1. The middle piece serves as a stabiliser as i see it, so a single one would fall on a turn without it.
    Why would they be lying around broken down? They are monitored by an operator, no?

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