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Avenging Unicorn Action Figure is Not a Fan of Mimes

Unicorns are graceful, gorgeous and delicious, and they also happen to have no sense of humor. Take a comedic jab at a unicorn and you can expect two feet of pure horn right through your chest. The Avenging Unicorn toy comes with a collection of four different horns and three victims, including a mime. Sadly, no hipsters are included. You ...

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Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case

Now that I think about it, the iPad and the Etch-A-Sketch really do have similar dimensions. In fact, after further research, the dimensions are damn near identical, give or take an inch or two here or there. So I suppose an Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case really makes sense. Basically, you’re buying a $500 gadget and a $39 case in order to ...

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Baby’s First Cubicle: Being Honest with Your Kids

I’m a realist. I’m not going to promise my kid they can do whatever they want, because in reality, they’re likely never going to grow wings out of their asshole and fly. And even more realistic, they’ll almost positively never be President of the United States. I’d say the asshole wings have better odds then that. So I’ve decided that ...

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Atheist Barbie Combats the Fervor of Episcopal Priest Barbie

With the recent announcement that there would be a new�Reverend�Barbie, atheists feel the need to have their very own rendition of the most perfect doll in the known universe (aside from the sensual Tbtndqjke doll from Plosmat-4, of course). Featuring a hipster pantless style, Atheist Barbie has come to pollute your daughters’ minds with godless, devil-tinged banter. DO NOT forget ...

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Master Chief Unmasked: Well, Actually, I’m a Koala

To be honest with you, Gearfuse readers, I’m surprised. Hide your bamboo peripherals and vehicles! I was never aware that Koala Bears were known for their insatiable lust for blood and war. But apparently, there’s a lot about Koala’s I didn’t know. Link [via]

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When iPhones Attack: Robot iPhone Case

While the Robot iPhone Case certainly isn’t the most practical way to protect your iPhone, it’s perfect for the device with a mean streak. The iPhone and robots have several things in common, not the least being that they both have their eyes set on world domination. If they joined forces, who knows what the world might look like in ...

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