iPad Accessory for Kids – A $30 ‘Crayola Marker’ Stylus

The words “kid” and “iPad” don’t really seem to get along. Hell, my parents wouldn’t even buy me a GameBoy color when they first came out. However, Apple’s latest gadget is apparently going to have more kid-appeal, with a new child-friendly marker stylus.

The Crayola marker stylus will set you back around $30, and comes with a companion application (which is free) called Crayola Color Studio HD. This allows your child to use the iPad for such constructive activities as… coloring, scribbling and drawing. Just without the mess, and on something considerably more expensive than paper.

According to reviews of Crayola Color Studio HD, the application is still extremely glitchy, crashing often. If this is something that appeals to you, you can pick up the Crayola stylus and Crayola Color Studio HD at Best Buy.

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