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Explosive Color!: Crayola Crayon Rockets Soar Into The Sky Blue Heavens

Here is a case where a blown-up object literally gets blown-up. These XXXXXXXL Crayola Crayons are doubling as rocket projectiles. Why? Well, for one, they ARE sort of rocket shaped, so it makes sense in that regard. Number two, it’s just a really bitchin’ idea. Who doesn’t like blowing crap up? Designed by John Coker, who may or may not ...

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Realistic Crayola 64 Box Cake Brings the Noms

This cake might match its own sweetness with its utter flamboyancy. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re decked out in a rainbow pattern, unless you happen to be a Crayola 64 Box, which this cake is expertly modeled after. Duff Goldman created this amazing cake in honor of 50 years of the Crayola 64 box. I’m just hoping ...

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