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Whacking It USB Style

Now you can bring the whack-a-mole experience to your office thanks to USB Whack It. Just bop the multi-colored moles when they light up. It’s the perfect way to relieve some stress during a long, boring day of work. Plus you can challenge your co-workers to a game. Everyone loves a good beat off. Available for 12.49 ($24). Sean ...

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The Lego Ring for your gadget loving girl

The Lego Ring is a cool little trinket we came across. The ring is a hybrid between the classic Lego building toys and romantic jewelery, complete with a diamond. The Jacqueline Sanchez designed Forever Young Ring Number 1 Diamond Ring is a nice little novelty gift. And an expensive novelty at that! The ring costs $250, which might seem like ...

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Scratch your friend with the Otete Paws and Opopo Tails

If you are having trouble getting your friend’s attention, you might want to try touching them. If touching is not enough, you can try tapping. If tapping is not enough, you might want to start scratching them. In order to scare the hack out of them and make them think that you’re a freak yet looking cutely annoying at the ...

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Nettou Boxing gloves: Wii boxing without a screen

We know how people are crazy about Nintendo Wii Sports, treating 2 parts of the wiimote as boxing gloves. Now how about bring this super fun game to the streets? No TV, no power adapter, no Wii, all you need is a pair of these Nettou Boxing gloves and an I-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude. Pop in your batteries, choose between Training or ...

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Hanakotoba: Find out what your flowers are thinking about

Japanese toys are creative, they’re so creative that sometimes they’re scary. E-revolution’s Hanakotoba (translation: flower-talk) is a doll that reads and vocalizes the flowers’ mind when you touch the pedals (or the leafs), all you have to do shove this probe into the same vase with flowers. You can choose from the 3 color schemes, and each of them will ...

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