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Toshiba 911T phone partners Oakley: W-VGA screen, digital TV, HSDPA, A2DP, 3.2MP cam, 1GB flash

Softbank announces today their strongest ever multimedia phone, the 911T manufactured by Toshiba. This slider houses a 3″ W-VGA screen (480×800 pixels) in its 17.9mm thin sliding body (4mm thinner than the Toshiba W52T slider, 51x112x17.9mm 142g). The phone runs on Softbank’s 3.6Mbps HSDPA network, receives One-Seg digital TV service, comes with Bluetooth A2DP profile so you can connect your ...

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Toshiba struts its stuff with HD DVD-R drive in notebook

At CES this year Toshiba decided to follow the HD DVD trend with a laptop that is capable of burning HD DVDs. While the laptop was only a prototype, it is a great step for HD DVDs because it will quicken the transition from traditional DVDs to HD DVDs. As of right now everyone is keeping hush-hush about this drive, ...

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Spot Review: Toshiba TX80 UMTS phone

Gearfuse is bringing you reviews that you have never seen before, we call them spot reviews. No boos and no fancy paragraphs going on and on. Everything is kept in a precise and concise manner, covering absolutely everything you need to know whether you were thinking of buying or not. As we announced it a few days ago, here is ...

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Unboxing the 3.2MP Toshiba TX80 (811T) UMTS music phone

SmarTone-Vodafone Hong Kong announced the migration of Toshiba Softbank 811T (TX80) phone at ITU Telecom World just 2 weeks ago. Gearfuse managed to grab not one, but three of these to snap pictures for you. Coming up is an exclusive spot review of the TX80 phone, first in any non-Asian language site on the internet. In any case, prior to ...

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Bill Clinton’s worst nightmare: the Tofu-making ricecooker

Remember how Bill is more scared of Tofu than scandals? Well, Toshiba’s new ricecooker might just as well be his worst nightmare. No more take-aways, now you can make tofu, cakes, congee and goo-y dessert with just one ricecooker. You are just one button away to the indulgence of Asian food- through trial and error of course. Apparently a lot ...

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Toshiba’s first DMB DVD DAP came out great, but not perfect

Here’s Toshiba’s first attempt to put a DVD drive and DMB (One-Seg) tuner into their DAP, what’s more they even threw in Divx support. ITmedia Japan took it for a test drive, and it went well. The digital broadcast quality was suboptimal, but that’s due to the broadcasting technology itself rather than the player. Divx support worked flawlessly, DVD playback ...

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