Toshiba’s first DMB DVD DAP came out great, but not perfect

toshiba sd-t50pv dap

Here’s Toshiba’s first attempt to put a DVD drive and DMB (One-Seg) tuner into their DAP, what’s more they even threw in Divx support. ITmedia Japan took it for a test drive, and it went well. The digital broadcast quality was suboptimal, but that’s due to the broadcasting technology itself rather than the player. Divx support worked flawlessly, DVD playback was fine. The built in speakers were tad soft in volume, but those on the cradle were great. They called the size and 650g of bulk “appropriately proportional” to the brilliant 5″ screen. Their bottom line is that the SD-P50DT is a good DAP for watching movies on the train. Really, ¬†we prefer getting a UMPC. No comment on whether this will be exported, note that this model does not belong to the Gigabeat line. — Sam Chan

Toshiba SD-T50PV Review [ITmedia Japan]

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