Softbank announces 3 more shiny phones: NEC 706N, Panasonic 706P, Toshiba 813T

softbank 706

Looks like the latest trend in Japan is to go for shiny phones, Softbank announced 3 more shiny phones this morning, one from each of NEC, Panasonic and Toshiba. All these phones runs on W-CDMA in Japan and GSM triband when being roamed elsewhere. Cameras on 706N and 706P are 2 megapixels whereas the one on 813T is 3.2MP. The rest of the specs are pretty much standard: QVGA screens, microSD slot, bluetooth, music player, HTML browser… so it’ll be up to personal preference to decide between the trio, perhaps the different user interface. They will all be on shelves before March. — Sam Chan


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