AU KDDI announces 10 new phones: records DMB programs, digital radio, W-VGA, full OLED screens

au kddi

Japan’s second largest operator AU KDDI announced 10 new EV-DO phones this morning for the Spring 2007 line-up. Including the W51SH which we showed you the picture way before announcement. To our surprise, the Pantech W51PT which was also leaked earlier has not been announced yet. The 10 phones include one from the AU Design Project- the Media Skin, 2 from Toshiba, and 1 from all Casio, Panasonic, Hitachi, Kyocera, Sanyo, SonyEricsson and Sharp. Out of these 10 phones, 6 of them will support the DMB One-Seg service. Take note that these phones are jointly developed beteen AU KDDI and the manufacturers, they will not be sold outside Japan and neither will they be unlockable. More details on each of these phones after the jump.

Media Skin (AU Design Project): designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, 2.4″ OLED 262K color screen for the first time in the industry commercially: 10000:1 contrast, color space 107% that of NTSC. One-Seg DMB, 1.31MP camera, IrSimple second generation highspeed IrDA, Felica electronic money, 50x110x13mm

au kddi media skin

au kddi media skin

W51CA by Casio: One-Seg DMB up to 5.5hrs (you can schedule your recordings according to the EPG electronic programs guide timetable), 2.6″ 240×400 WQVGA swivel IPS screen, 2.1MP camera with autofocus, IrSimple second generation highspeed IrDA, Felica electronic money, 50x105x22mm 135g.

casio w51ca

W51H by Hitachi: 2.9″ Wide-VGA screen 800x480pixels with Hitachi HighVision Wooo TV IPS screen technology, fingerprint reader for increased security, 2MP camera with autofocus, IrSimple second generation highspeed IrDA, Felica electronic money, 50x106x22mm 142g

hitachi w51h

W51K by Kyocera: One-Seg DMB (recordable), 2.7″ 240×400 WQVGA screen, news flash can be checked on external OLED display, 2.01MP camera with autofocus, IrSimple second generation highspeed IrDA, Felica electronic money, 50x103x20mm 131g.

kyocera w51k

W51P by Panasonic: external light effects, one push spring-open mechanism, 2.6″ 240×400 WQVGA screen, 50x102x21mm 123g.

panasonic w51p

W51S by SonyEricsson: illumination and light effects outside for event notification, 2.7″ 16:9 240×435 screen with BRAVIA RealityMAX engine, 128 voices polyphony with stereo speakers, 48x105x19.3mm 115g.

sony ericsson w51s

sony ericsson w51s

W51SA by Sanyo: One-Seg DMB service (recordable), 1GB internal flash memory expandable with 2GB microSD cards, FM transmitter similar to iTrip, 2.6″ WQVGA IPS screen, 1.99MP camera with autofocus, Felica electronic money, 51x105x21mm 146g.

sanyo w51sa

W51SH by Sharp: One-Seg DMB service (recordable, with EPG scheduling), 3″ WQVGA ASV cyclone screen, TV-out, IrSimple second generation highspeed IrDA, 2MP camera, 50x109x23mm 136g.

sharp w51sh

W51T by Toshiba: digital radio, One-Seg DMB service (record up to 10hours of program on a 2GB microSD card), 3.2MP camera with autofocus and anti-shake, 2.6″ QVGA screen, felica electronic money, 51x103x21mm 142g.

toshiba w51t

W52T by Toshiba: One-Seg DMB service, digital radio, bluetooth, 3.0″ WVGA 480×800 pixels IPS screen, T5GP 3D graphics engine, 3.2MP camera with anti-shake, autofocus and VGA movie recording, TV out, 51x111x22mm 152g.

toshiba w52t

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