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Automaton AU/VST Plugin

If you’re familiar with the Game of Life then Automaton will seem familiar to you. Using the rules as the Game of Life, it instead sequences and generates music along with FX, which is perfect for any of you producing atrocious techno. Random squelches, blips, beeps and then some are all included with Automaton. Just use your favorite DAW like ...

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Testing Sanyo’s stylus-free thumbwriting recognition: W42SA

One of the models that deserve attention in the Winter line-up of AU KDDI would be Sanyo’s W42SA. This phone supports a new kind of handwriting recognition that does not require a stylus, instead you would be using your thumb to “stroke” over the number keys. Of course you can still use the usual T9 predictive text system, but just ...

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Anshin-Navi GPS phones for the kiddies

Japan’s second largest mobile operator AU KDDI announced 3 new phones this morning, but we are more interested in their upgraded service “Anshin-Navi”. The Sanyo A5525SA and Sweets Cute phones are targeted to young kids. Their parents can subscribe to the Anshin-Navi service which automatically detects the phone’s location by GPS, and check it on their phones or PCs. What’s ...

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Gearfuse Plumbers: Pantech’s W51PT nailing Japanese taste

The Gearfuse Plumbers got  their hands on some leaked photos of what’s supposed to be Pantech’s (the largest phone manufacturer in Korea after Samsung and LG) unannounced W51PT for Japan AU KDDI’s EV-DO Rev.A network. The main display should be a 2.4″ QVGA, camera is a 2.1 Megapixel CCD with autofocus, One-Seg DMB tuner and microSD slot are built in ...

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