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Casio’s Steampunk Watch

You’ve got your Steampunk shoes, cane, and even the Steampunk gas mask, so why not complete the look by getting yourself a Steampunk watch? Casio’s G-Shock line of timepieces is wildly popular for its funky modern styling, but the new G8100A-5 uses bronze-colored aluminum and rubber to create a blend between high-tech and retro that’s bound to be irresistible to ...

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Casio announces 10.1MP Exilim EX-Z1050 digital camera

Casio has announced its’ newest addition to the Exilim family of high pixel point-and-shoot digital cameras with the EX-Z1050. This 10.1MP has a few distinguishing differences between itself and the previous EX-Z1000 model. The first thing you might notice about the Z1050 is the smaller size. It’s a scant .95″ thick, with a width of 3.85″ and a length of ...

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A few moments with the G-shock G’zOne phone creators, Casio Japan

What are the 2 things that come into mind with the word Casio? Anorexic cameras and G-shock watches. If you are a Verizon user, you must have hard the G’zOne phone, which was sold under the brand of UTStarcom, and you would probably be aware that the G’zOne phone is the G-shock phone, developed by Casio in Japan and later ...

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Save space with Casio XJ-S30/S35 Projector

Korea just got blessed by Casio with the release of the XJ-S30/S35 projector, which is super slim and super sleek compared to its predecessors. This new projector fits into places you never thought possible and consumes less energy than its over-sized competitors. The XJ-S30/S35 projector is perfect for that home entertainment system you wanted to buy, except now you dont ...

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Casio Unveils New Tiny Liquid Fuel Cell

Fuel cells seem to be the rage these days, what with LG showing off a concept laptop powered by one, and now Casio has developed this tiny wonder. Measuring just 27.2 x 46 x 2.8mm, Casio’s new fuel cell converts methanol to hydrogen gas. DigitalCameraInfo claims the device can remain ‘autonomous and continuous’, though it’s unlikely they mean that literally, ...

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