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Hitachi Concept Remote Incorporates iPod-esque Style

While not much is actually known about this concept remote from Hitachi other than it features an “intuitive user interface,” the style plainly smacks of iPod minimalism. More pictures are available after the break, including a larger version of the remote that features the same simple trackball design. Both devices recently made their debut at CEATEC 2007, but no word ...

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Hitachi DVD/HDD Camcorder: World’s First Hybrid

Not only did Hitachi invent the DVD camcorder back in the dark ages of 1999, but now, seven years later, Hitachi has another first to offer the world. Those of you who have used camcorders for HDD or DVD know that each, while effective, have their drawbacks. A fully working hybrid of the two almost makes too much sense. What ...

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