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Tokyo’s Ultra-Luxe Movie Theater Has $278,000 Seats

Earlier this morning, the most luxurious movie theater ever had it’s grand opening in Tokyo Japan. Shinjuku Piccadilly is a cinema complex featuring a sleek “brilliant white” design and the world’s largest LCD monitor, a 108 inch behemoth from Sharp that’s the largest they can make with a single piece of 8th-generation glass substrate. Picture quality on this thing must ...

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Sharp to sell the world’s first touch-pad remote

Sharp updated their line of AQUOS-TV-plus-desktop-PC series, but we are not interested in that. What really caught our attention was the remote the came with it, because it is the world’s first remote controller with a touch pad. Now you can have a real TV-internet experience, just forget about your keyboard and mouse, you can type with the alphanumeric keys ...

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Destroy data remotely on your stolen Sharp 813SH phone

The 813SH for Biz is a business version of the 812SH, it is designed for companies that need to protect commercial secrets. Bluetooth and infrared data transfer is banned, but Bluetooth headsets are still supported. On top of that, email file attachment function is removed, external memory slot and Felica electronic money chip are also removed. The “813SH for Biz” ...

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Softbank announces Sharp 812SH with 20 color variations

Softbank Japan made an official announcement of the Sharp 812SH this morning, a phone that we have already shown you the  leaked pics. The main selling point here is the availability of 20 color variations. The rest of the functions aren’t weak either. The Face-recognition security program for Felica electronic money and the remote-lock anti-theft function are all in place. ...

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