Spotted: Sharp HSDPA slider prototype for European market, plus more insider gossips


A lot of Sharp fans are worried because they have not heard any news from Sharp at 3GSM this year, no new models at all apart from minor facelifts. As told by our insider 2 months ago, it’s about time we expect something from the Japanese company. Itmedia spotted this HSDPA (3.6Mbps) slider prototype at the 3GSM Sharp booth, a model that is not even included in the official press release statement. So far specifications are really sketchy, we know that the camera should be a 2megapixel fixed focus (boo!) and the phone should use microSD as external memory. Multimedia functions shouldn’t be bad, podcast is supported and movies can be played in landscape (duh) on the 2.4″ ASV screen. It might also come in colors of cyan, green, yellow, red and black, with matching color in the user interface. From the keypad and the way it is unveiled, we are confident to say that this slider is targeted to the European market. Most of the models shown were plastic mockups, but there were 1 or 2 powered prototypes in the glass box, so our guess is that the phone should be ready by Q3 this year. According to our source, there is also a VGA screened AQUOS phone in preparationapproaching announcement. More pics after the jump.




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Sharp at 3GSM [ITmedia]

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