Is Sharp’s 70-inch 3-D TV Worth $4,800?

For some men, �having a large television gives the same type of respect as having a large… err… house. The bigger your TV, the more of a man you are.

Well, Sharp’s latest television would certainly appeal to that demographic. The Aquos Quattron is a stunning 70 inches, with full array LED-LCD. Oh, did we mention it’s also 3-D?

Gizmodo recently released a pretty interesting review of the Aquos Quattron, which mostly highlighted its 3-D technology. This TV uses “active shutter” 3-D –�basically, the 3-D glasses periodically “blink” your eyes, so that each eye receives the correct image.

The main problem with this is that active shutter causes images in 3-D to be darker than normal, which is apparently still an issue in the Aquos Quattro.

Tech-wise, the Quattro does deliver. It’s DLNA compliant, can use apps like Netflix, and also has built-in Wi-Fi.

So, is it worth $4,800? Maybe if you have a bit of disposable income. However, with how fast 3-D tech has been advancing, it’s possible that a better TV could only be a year or two away.


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