Tokyo’s Ultra-Luxe Movie Theater Has $278,000 Seats

Earlier this morning, the most luxurious movie theater ever had it’s grand opening in Tokyo Japan. Shinjuku Piccadilly is a cinema complex featuring a sleek “brilliant white” design and the world’s largest LCD monitor, a 108 inch behemoth from Sharp that’s the largest they can make with a single piece of 8th-generation glass substrate. Picture quality on this thing must be mind-blowing compared to a standard old school projector. God damn, those movie industry folks in Tokyo sure know how to put on an impressive show.

Shinjuku Piccadilly boasts private screening rooms that are available for rent. It costs a 30,000 yen (around $278) to watch a flick in one of these luxury boxes. You can rent one for a whole year for 30 million yen ($278,200). Shinjuku’s “platinum” VIP screening rooms come equipped with customized Italian leather sofas, surround sound systems, and champagne. Good luck trying to impress the ladies with your puny $30,000 DIY home-entertainment system now.

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