DIY: $30,000 Stereo System


Manitoba native Michael Tarasenco built a $50,000 home theater with $30,000 worth of stereo equipment. After many years of being an audio junkie, Michael decided he wanted a theater in his new home. Using no outside labor, the basement was renovated and a theater was built in a 13′ x 28′ area. Watching projected movies on a 92″ retractable Da-Lite screen must be sweet. Couple that with a room modified for great audio and you have quite a multimedia experience going on.


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  1. why does it always have to be braveheart or independence day? why?

  2. Why when watching a film aways have to much gain ( to load) I can see spending $30,000 on 2 channel audio and $400. on 5,1 sound who cares I guess its good for sales people who never know what there talking about

  3. sorry that,s loud not load

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