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Japan’s Epsilon Rocket Heads In To Space!

Japan's Epsilon rocket

The Epsilon Rocket makes news for a number of reasons but costing a measely $37 million to launch is one of them! The Japanese rocket, Epsilon, launched from South-West Japan at 2pm local time. The rocket is headed in to space to launch a telescope in to the Earth's orbit where it will keep an eye on our neighboring planets.

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InInk.Jp, Why Do You Want Us Mugged?


Japanese Company InInk have decided that they hate us all and want to see us all mugged. Okay, not so much, but they’re not exactly discouraging it either… Above, you can see pictured one of the company’s newest creations, a t-shirt that comes with a built in pocket to hold your MP3 player. Sure, we hear you say, but couldn’t ...

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5 Really Weird Japanese Gadgets

Full Body Umbrella

It's no secret that in Japan there are some weird and crazy gadgets. Some of these gadgets make you wonder what the inventor was thinking...and then some of them there are just no words for. Allow us to introduce you to five such inventions.

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Can Planets Be Orphans Too?

The astronomers, led by Takahiro Sumi if Osaka University in Japan, reported in the journal Nature there are hundreds of billions of planets that have been orphaned by their planetary systems. The planets have either been completely ejected out of orbit, meandering through space, or are distantly bound to their stars at a distance at least 10 times that of the Earth's distance from the Sun.

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