Asia is Out of IPv4 Addresses

IPv4 addresses have been in short supply for a while. After all, as the Internet continues to grow and devices that can access the Internet continue to grow in numbers, IP addresses are being gobbled up at a much faster rate. This is especially true in Asia, where the Asia Pacific Network Information Center has just issued the last batch of IPv4 addresses.

Translation? Asia is out of IPv4 addresses. They’re out. Completely. No more. If you don’t believe me, take it from APNIC Director General Paul Wilson, who more or less says the same thing.

Considering the ongoing demand for IP addresses, this date effectively represents IPv4 exhaustion for many of the current operators in the Asia Pacific region. From this day onwards, IPv6 is mandatory for building new Internet networks and services.

IPv6 is already upon us in many instances, and more countries are making the switch all the time. This should serve as a notice for those who didn’t think that IPv4 would be done in so quickly. Like me — I am a dunce.


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