5 Really Weird Japanese Gadgets

It’s no secret that in Japan there are some weird and crazy gadgets. Some of these gadgets make you wonder what the inventor was thinking…and then some of them there are just no words for. Allow us to introduce you to five such inventions.

1. Sweeping Shoes.

In theory this MIGHT seem like a good idea if you just can’t bring yourself to pull out the dustpan and brush. The chances are though that every time you put these shoes on, you are going to fall on your face and look absolutely ridiculous doing it.

Full Body Umbrella

2. The Full Body Umbrella.

This is another one that seems like a good idea at the time. The truth is though that getting out of the full body umbrella is going to leave you getting just as wet as if you hadn’t used it in the first place.

Ramen Cooler

3. The Ramen Cooler.

A good portion of inventions are created out of sheer laziness. We’re not sure who invented this “Ramen cooler” but we’re pretty sure that they’re just about as lazy as lazy can get.

4. The Umbrella Tie.

Because at some point carrying an umbrella around in your hands becomes too much work, so you’d better wear it around your neck instead…

5. The Finger Box Game

Apparently, sticking your finger inside an “electronic” box and poking things is fun. This “game” is all the rage in Japan and we’re still wondering…wtf?

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  1. that full body umbrella looks quite useful

  2. Where can i purchase 1 or more of The Full Body Umbrella’s.

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