Softbank announces Sharp 812SH with 20 color variations

sharp 812sh

Softbank Japan made an official announcement of the Sharp 812SH this morning, a phone that we have already shown you the  leaked pics. The main selling point here is the availability of 20 color variations. The rest of the functions aren’t weak either. The Face-recognition security program for Felica electronic money and the remote-lock anti-theft function are all in place. The main display is a 2.4″ QVGA ASV screen, external display is a monochrome OLED; the camera is a 2MP CMOS with fixed focus lens, microSD cards of up to 1GB are supported. Size is 49x97x17.6mm and weight is 105g. The 812SH runs on the Softbank W-CDMA network in Japan and can also roam on Tri-band GSM outside Japan. The phone will be on shelves in early February. We’re not optimistic about unlocking such device given the history of 904SH. More pictures after the jump.

sharp 812sh

sharp 812sh

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