Sharp announced SmarTone-Vodafone SX633A, leaked Softbank 812SH

sharp 812sh

Earlier we reported on new Sharp phones to be released outside Japan earlier, and this week we finally understood what the new index SX633A means- it is only a color update of the popular SX633 (Japanese 9705SH and European 770SH, pictures after the jump). We’re still waiting for a promised, separate new device. Meanwhile, the Softbank 812SH has been leaked (pictured above), and it reminds us a bit of BenQ-Siemen’s El71. If Sharp were to export any of their Japanese phones, the 800 series will be on the top of the list. More pictures of the SX633A after the jump.

sharp sx633a

sharp sx633a

Sam Chan

Sharp SX633A [SmarTone-Vodafone]

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