Toshiba struts its stuff with HD DVD-R drive in notebook

toshiba qosmio hd dvd-r

At CES this year Toshiba decided to follow the HD DVD trend with a laptop that is capable of burning HD DVDs. While the laptop was only a prototype, it is a great step for HD DVDs because it will quicken the transition from traditional DVDs to HD DVDs. As of right now everyone is keeping hush-hush about this drive, so there aren�t too many details about it out there. What we do know is that Toshiba wanted to brag about this before any other company could get their hands on that title. They aren�t even giving out a model number; the demo was on a Qosmio G35. in the demo Toshiba recorded on a 30GB HD DVD, with 15GB of space on each side of the disc. This will be an HD DVD-R drive, so start looking for that kind of disc. If you are really excited about this, then your wait won�t be that long; there are plans to give out more information in this quarter. — Nick Rice

Toshiba demos ‘first’ HD DVD-R notebook drive [Reg Hardware]

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