Bill Clinton’s worst nightmare: the Tofu-making ricecooker

toshiba rc-5ms ricecooker

Remember how Bill is more scared of Tofu than scandals? Well, Toshiba’s new ricecooker might just as well be his worst nightmare. No more take-aways, now you can make tofu, cakes, congee and goo-y dessert with just one ricecooker. You are just one button away to the indulgence of Asian food- through trial and error of course. Apparently a lot of R&D has gone into this thing, material science to make the rice non-stick, a 60 degrees perfect angle for heat conduction to make sure that every single grain of rice is entertained in the pot. The large buttons and large LCDs are just making it ever so smart-looking and user-friendly. So just pick up one of these, place it next to your TV, tear off the kitchen and turn it into a gaming room. — Sam Chan

RC-5MS ricecooker [Toshiba]

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