Unboxing the 3.2MP Toshiba TX80 (811T) UMTS music phone

toshiba tx80

SmarTone-Vodafone Hong Kong announced the migration of Toshiba Softbank 811T (TX80) phone at ITU Telecom World just 2 weeks ago. Gearfuse managed to grab not one, but three of these to snap pictures for you. Coming up is an exclusive spot review of the TX80 phone, first in any non-Asian language site on the internet. In any case, prior to the European release (if there is one, TS803 upgrade).

Bundled with the set is a 256MB microSD card with traditional SD adapter, a USB data cable, a battery, a British-type 220V squared 3-feet charger, stereo handsfree, mono handsfree and a user manual. So far things have been fairly positive, the 3.2MP camera works well even at night, music functions are not bad, the 2.4″ TFT screen is awesome, the keypad is one of the most comfortable out there, no drop calls and no networks problems… we will be spending our Christmas testing it, the article should to go live on Dec 27.

toshiba tx80

toshiba tx80

toshiba tx80


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  1. where can we buy the charger only because my cellphone has no charger

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