Toshiba 812T: tracer for parents, comics for kids and a buzzer to scare baaaad people away

toshiba 812t kotomobile

Softbank announced the Toshiba 812T Kotomobile (Kid’s phone) this morning. First off it runs on WCDMA network, has a pretty good 3.2MP camera, a music player that supports microSD cards up to 1GB, and there’re also comic characters for wallpaper and screensavers. The part that is the most easy to spot would be the ring attached to the phone. When ever you are in danger (for example seeing a scary kindergarten teacher), pull that ring and the super loud buzzer will be activated, a video-call will be automatically dialed to your parents and your location information (GPS) will also be sent. Parents can even trace your kids on the computer whenever they want. The 812T will be out in February. — Sam Chan


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