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Amazon Announces The Kindle HDX

Kindle Tablet

There's been plenty of anticipation about the launch of the various new Kindle devices and today Amazon announced the new Kindle HDX 7 and 8.9 inch tablets. The Kindle HDX was announced by Amazon today and comes in a 7 and 8.9 inch model. Both of the new models are quite a bit thinner and lighter than the original Kindle Fire and have high-resolution screens.

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The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 Is Leaked In Pictures

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

According to website BGR.com pictures of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 have been leaked and so far reception hasn't been all that great! The newest Amazon Kindle Fire HD (the 2) has been leaked in images four over at BGR and it is being rumored that this tablet could see the light of day as soon as the end of this month!

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The Cheap Kindle Fire Is About To Get Cheaper!

Kindle Fire

According to rumors that have been floating around the web the new basic Kindle Fire is going to be last years Kindle Fire HD. What does this mean? Well, and we emphasize that this is rumor only at this point, the new Kindle Fire will be exactly the same as last year's Kindle Fire HD with one exception - the operating system.

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