Barnes & Noble Pulls 100 DC Comic Titles From Shelves

Even though the Kindle Fire was just recently announced, Amazon is already striking deals for Kindle Fire exclusive content. This week, Amazon entered into a deal with DC Comics, which involves 100 graphic novels being exclusively released on the Kindle Fire.

Of course, one of Amazon’s main competitors, Barnes & Noble, wasn’t thrilled by this idea — especially since DC Comics didn’t give B&N exclusive access to any titles on their own tablet. In retaliation, Barnes & Noble has pulled 100 DC Comic titles from the shelves of all of their stores. Basically, if they can’t sell them digitally, they won’t sell them physically either.

Many people are calling this a poorly chosen move by Barnes & Noble, especially since the company could have “retaliated” in other more productive ways. For example, why not pursue a deal with Marvel, to get some Marvel-exclusive titles for the Nook?


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