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Kindle Fire Announced, Will Sell for $199

The Kindle Fire has been officially announced -- it will be released on November 15th, and will be priced at just $199. While most of the rumors about Amazon's tablet were true, some were proven to be completely ludicrous.

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Hacking the app called the book

Jonathan Safran Foer's new book, The Tree of Codes, has a marvelous title. But the real marvel begins when you turn the cover to find that the story is literally carved out of another worknamely, The Street of Crocodiles, the 1934 cycle of short stories by martyred Polish writer Bruno Schulz. There's a gadget angle to all this, but you'll have to follow the jump for it.

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Kindle and iPad Displays Compared Under a Microscope

Both Apple and Amazon insist that their displays are better suited for eBook reading. But they can’t both be right. So to help provide a definitive answer to the big question in the eBook community, Keith from BIT-101 put his new USB microscope to the test by getting up close and personal with both the Kindle and iPad displays. Tested ...

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Nintendo Ponders Releasing 3G Kindle-esque DS

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata says that the company is debating whether or not a future model of the DS will take a book from Amazon’s book marketplace device, the Kindle, and offer digital downloads over the mobile 3G network. With this business model, Nintedo DS users wouldn’t be required to pay a monthly fee for 3G access, but would pay ...

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