Kindle and iPad Displays Compared Under a Microscope

Both Apple and Amazon insist that their displays are better suited for eBook reading. But they can’t both be right. So to help provide a definitive answer to the big question in the eBook community, Keith from BIT-101 put his new USB microscope to the test by getting up close and personal with both the Kindle and iPad displays.

Tested at a variety of different magnifications, it’s pretty clear that if a reader were to have amazingly microscopic tunnel vision, the Kindle would be the reader of choice. At 26x (pictured above) the Kindle’s eInk looks pretty much exactly as it does when you’re reading from a distance. The iPad’s pixels become visually obvious as tiny jagged squares, though the anti-aliasing of the text holds up rather well considering the pixel-based display. At 400x for the Kindle and 375x for the iPad, things start getting a little funky. Hit the jump to see the mega-magnified versions.

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