Turn Your Flat Screen TV Into an iPad

While Apple is getting all sorts of heat for their faulty design and software issues of the iPhone 4, the iPad remains a fallback excuse for what makes Apple just so Apple-y. It’s slick, it’s smooth, it’s edible, it’s quick and maybe most important, it’s fun.

In fact, the iPad is such a success that other companies are starting to cash-in on the seemingly never ending cash cow. Russian design group DarkDesignGroup created their iTVPad, a set of plastic covers and stickers that transforms your flatscreen TV into an iPad imitator, except, ya know, without all of the fun stuff. Admittedly, it is a pretty cool way to rock your Apple loving pride.

UPDATE: Sorry fanboys, this was an April Fools’ Day joke produced by the DarkDesignGroup firm at their very best… or worst. Whichever.

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  1. That seems like an interesting idea. I wonder if it’s hard to build.

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