Kindle Fire Announced, Will Sell for $199

Well, maybe Amazon learned something from HP’s $99 fire sale of the HP Touchpad tablet — consumers like low prices. At today’s press conference, Amazon officially unveiled the Kindle Fire, which will cost consumers a measly $199. For the tech specs of this tablet, that’s a lot of computing power for your dollars.

Amazon also announced the official release (ship) date for the Kindle Fire — November 15th. On Amazon’s website, you can already pre-order their tablet, to “reserve your place in line”.

Most of the rumors surrounding Amazon’s tablet PC were spot-on. However, the rumor that the Kindle Fire was just a “placeholder” for a better tablet coming out Q1 of next year — that rumor is false. While Amazon will probably eventually release an upgraded version of the Kindle Fire, the tablet being released this November is by no means a half-arsed product.

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