Amazon Announces New Kindle E-Readers, Will Start at $79

Though Amazon’s Kindle Fire stole the show at today’s Amazon press conference, there were a few other exciting updates that are definitely worth mentioning.

Despite the rumors, this press event wasn’t just designed for announcing the Kindle Fire. No, Amazon had a few other cards to play.

First, they announced the release of a new Kindle e-ink reading device. While no specific tech specs were rolled out, the company claimed that it will use their “most advanced” e-ink display technology, with extended battery life. Also, “taps” will be used in place of buttons, which supposedly makes it more user-friendly. This next-gen Kindle will start at $79, for the Wi-Fi model with “special offers”.

Also starring in today’s event was the Kindle Touch, which will start at just $99 for the Wi-Fi model with “special offers”.

Here’s an excerpt of Amazon’s official announcement on their site:

These are high-end products ? the best Kindles we?ve ever made. Kindle and Kindle Touch have the most-advanced E Ink display technology available, and the 3G Kindle Touch adds free 3G wireless ? no monthly fees and no annual contracts.”

It’ll be interesting to see if other e-readers can compete with this, or if Amazon will continue to dominate the e-reader market.

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