Amazon Finally Taking Action Against ‘Spam’ Books

It’s about time.

Since the first Kindle’s release, Amazon’s digital marketplace has been flooded with fake, counterfeit and “spam” ebooks. These books might be�plagiarized�copies of existing books, or copyright-protected titles that the spammer publishes as their own creation. Finally, Amazon is taking a concerted effort to remove these books from their digital marketplace.

How did we find out about this? There’s actually a forum, called “Warrior Forum” where these spammers congregate and discuss their schemes. However, lately more of them have complained about getting their content removed, and receiving cordial (but final) warnings from Amazon about their activities.

However, the spammers don’t seem overly concerned. As one of them writes:

Lol if it didn�t work on Amazon. Try Barnes and Noble (NYSE: BKS), as well as iBooks, maybe they don�t have much content police in their management. :)”

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