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Unicorn Meat: An Alternative Source of Protein and Magic

And now back to our usual scheduled programming. I’m really trying to bulk up my muscles for the summer. Gotta look good in my mankini! I just get so sick of the same old protein sources every single day. Chicken, eggs, more chicken, even more eggs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a man who loves his eggs, but mostly when ...

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Spam iPhone Case

Don’t worry, this iPhone case isn’t trying to sell you penis enhancement pills or some shitty D-Link product. Not that sort of spam. No, no. This case has much more depth. At least, as much depth as fake processed meat can have. For only the true fake meat lover, the Spam iPhone case is pure processed fun. Link [via]

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Fight Back: CES Spam From D-Link

Every year, around the end of November up until CES in January, PR flacks email me and other writers constantly, begging for them to stop by their booth at CES so they can show off some shitty product. There are exceptions of course and there are a few good PR people left thank goodness, but let me show you what ...

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Fake Obama Spam Attack

Apparently, people may have actually listened to Vince and sent out fake Vice Presidential pick announcements in advance of Barack Obama‘s VP selection. Obama generated a lot of buzz for the decision by telling the press that he’d announce his choice via text messages and email blasts to his supporters. Joe Biden was named as the Vice presidential candidate this ...

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Beware Of The Olympic Spam Epidemic

As the Beijing games kick into high gear, Internet watchdogs are warning against a rise in Olympic spam. SANS Storm Center, an organization dedicated to monitoring and analyzing spam attacks and computer virus threats, says computer users can expect to receive spam emails with Olympics-themed subject lines and text encouraging readers to click external links where they can be asked ...

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