Why Apple isn’t Scared of Amazon’s Tablet

Even after the Kindle Fire was unveiled two months ago, Apple showed no signs of worry. Now, it seems that they’ve taken this one step further, in a statement that clearly says they don’t believe Amazon’s tablet to be a threat.

It’s true that the Kindle Fire is priced at $199, which makes it financially viable for cash-strapped consumers looking to join the arena of tablet computing. However, it should be noted that the Kindle Fire has modest hardware specs, which might not be suitable for those looking for more power from their tablet devices.

What do you think? Will the low-priced Kindle Fire end up dominating holiday tablet PC sales? Or, will Apple continue to make profit from the established iPad product line?


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  1. For me, if the Amazon or B&N pad open themselves so that they can run the current version of Android when it is released and so that they can run the aApps, e.g. the applications, then unless they are useless hardware wise, I will get them instead of the iPod.

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