Poufman Seats Bare No Resemblance To Pac-Man

No, really. These seats are just coincidentally named Poufman, they’ve got nothing to do with the classic Namco game, Pac-Man. No relation at all. Hell, these seats aren’t even inspired by Pac-Man one bit. If anything, Pac-Man is inspired by these seats.

The designers of Italian company QAYOT were clearly eating a slice of pizza when they spawned the creation of this luxury furniture.� One of the designers took out a slice and was like, “Whoa, Poufman!” And that’s how Poufman was born. It wasn’t until later that the company heard tales of Pac-Man’s existence. So, it can’t be considered an infringement on the trademark established by Namco back in 1980. Or can it?

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  1. Yeah except for the fact that that is exactly how pacman was made it is in several interviews that he came up fro the idea of pacman from a pizza

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