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Pac-Man Macbook Decal Would Probably Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

Now, I’m not trying to say that Pac-Man is my sunshine, my only sunshine. But seriously, how could this not put a smile on any geek’s face, despite of the weather conditions? For $16.90 from Etsy, you too can ensure that nobody takes your sunshine away. Each set comes with a set of several stickers, all made of high-quality protected ...

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So, The Current Pac-Man is an Impostor?

Most of you won’t know this, as up until now it was privy knowledge to only a few lucky souls. The man we have come to know and love as Pac-Man is not the character we thought he was. Back in 1982, as the original Pac-Man was living the rock star lifestyle courtesy of his new found fame, there was ...

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Poufman Seats Bare No Resemblance To Pac-Man

No, really. These seats are just coincidentally named Poufman, they’ve got nothing to do with the classic Namco game, Pac-Man. No relation at all. Hell, these seats aren’t even inspired by Pac-Man one bit. If anything, Pac-Man is inspired by these seats. The designers of Italian company QAYOT were clearly eating a slice of pizza when they spawned the creation ...

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