So, The Current Pac-Man is an Impostor?

Most of you won’t know this, as up until now it was privy knowledge to only a few lucky souls. The man we have come to know and love as Pac-Man is not the character we thought he was. Back in 1982, as the original Pac-Man was living the rock star lifestyle courtesy of his new found fame, there was an accident. The exact circumstances are hazy but the story involves two very drunk ghosts and one very dead Pac-Man.

Yes, that’s right. The Pac-Man we’ve been playing with and admiring for the past 28 years is in fact, an impostor. And now you know why Ms. Pac-Man is a Ms. and not a Mrs. Poor woman was widowed back in the early-80s. If you need further proof that you’ve been a victim of a cleverly devised plot of stolen identities, here lies Pac-Man’s skeleton. You can’t get much more hard evidence than this.

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