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Rocking Lounger Bed Calms My Aching Hips

Being an old woman is tough on my aching muscles. My osteoporosis causes hellish pain in my bones. By the end of the day I need a comfy spot to rest my aging body with a nice mug of hot cocoa. This Rocking Bed is� like a rocking chair except I can lay down, sort of like the cradle my ...

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Warning: Choking Hazard Chair

I’m no stranger to furniture made from recyclables. After all, I write about it all the time and I just so happen to sit on my ass for the same duration. Upon seeing Ryan Frank’s design, pictured above, I immediately thought of how comfortable it would be to pass gas while sitting in it. Well, more comfortable than doing so ...

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Poufman Seats Bare No Resemblance To Pac-Man

No, really. These seats are just coincidentally named Poufman, they’ve got nothing to do with the classic Namco game, Pac-Man. No relation at all. Hell, these seats aren’t even inspired by Pac-Man one bit. If anything, Pac-Man is inspired by these seats. The designers of Italian company QAYOT were clearly eating a slice of pizza when they spawned the creation ...

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The Last HOPE: Chill Spot

Needless to say a hacker conference can take a lot out of a geek. That’s why this chill spot was put in. It makes watching the conferences upstairs relaxing, while hanging around in a hammock. If you had a computer you could partake in the humorous messages that would appear at the bottom of the screen displaying the speeches. The ...

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Floating Wireless Speaker Is Not A Flotation Device

Listening to music while relaxing in your swimming pool just got a whole lot easier. Neiman Marcus’ website is selling a floating wireless speaker for $150, which includes the base and one speaker. Any additional speakers would be an extra $100. The speakers are able to go up to 9-feet underwater for up to 30 minutes, just in case you ...

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