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Vinyl Sticker Wall Chair: An Excuse To Hoard

In most cases, stacking crap you don’t wanna throw out or just can’t find it in yourself to part with (magazines, mail, soiled diapers, you know, the usual) could be seen as either hoarding or just plain unorganized. The Vinyl Wall Sticker Chair gives you an excuse to stack crap in massive piles on your floor. And that excuse, ironic ...

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Floating Fade-Out Chair is Perfect For Your Bare White Rooms

Using this chair to its full potential means painting a room completely white and stripping out any other furniture. Do I look like someone who isn’t lazy? The Fade-Out Chair is painted to appear as if it is floating in midair. The white leg bottoms appear in striking contrast to the chair’s dark wood finish. Is all of that worth ...

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Xbox Controller Chair Made Out of Cardboard

Like a lot of geeks out there I have a constant stream of crap being shipped to me from various internet companies. But I’m getting sick of just chucking all of the cardboard away. There has to be something productive we can create using all of our excess boxes. And then I came across this and I had a “Eureka!” ...

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Shark Bean Bag Chair Nips Your Tushy

The Coppertone girl would have been in some serious trouble if instead of a cute little black doggy, there was a very hungry shark targeting his teeth for her buttocks. The Shark! Bean Bag Chair illustrates what it might have looked like had the Coppertone girl been in the ocean, rather than on the beach. There’s nothing more comfortable than ...

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Transfoarmchair Bends to Your Every Whim

We can only imagine the incredible leaps and bounds which will be made in the chair business by the time that “the future” rolls around. But if we had a choice of what the future chair would look like, the Transfoarmchair would seem like a safe bet, as long as the future really turned out to be like a science-fiction ...

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