Pac-Man Mini Plays All The Classic Hits

You’ve got to be tired of dicking around with that stylus on your Nintendo DS. After all, writing or any act like it is tiresome, especially if you’re a gamer who just likes the simplicity of an analog stick, one button and a high score list.

Modder Sam Thornley yearned for portable classics like the Atari Flashback, so he made his own. Using a Jakks Pacific plug-and-play Namco mini arcade‘s guts and some hardware know-how, Sam melded the circuit board with a tiny 2.5-inch LCD display and powered the whole thing with a set of 4 rechargeable AA batteries. It includes Pac-Man, Galaxian, Rally-X, Bosconian and even Dig Dug. Yes, even Dig Dug, my deity.

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