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Improve Your Home Theater Experience With Vibrating Chairs

Vibrating Chairs

$8 movie tickets plus concessions make movie going experiences expensive but now you can save up that money and make the ultimate home movie theater. Company Tremor FX, has created these vibrating home theater seats that are large and plush and are available as single or double seat units.

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Chairigami Folding Cardboard Furniture


Chairigami is a small company founded by Zach Rotholz. The company grew out of Zach Rotholz senior project at Yale and grew out of just $5,000 seed money. So just what is Chairigami? It's furniture made from refoldable triple-wall cardboard.

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5 Desks You Need in Your Office

Han Solo Desk

If you're a workaholic then your desk plays a pretty important part of your everyday life...so why not have a little fun with it, right? So we went looking for some really awesome desks that add a whole new level of play to being in the office all day.

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Tunnel Furniture Lets You Bury Your Head in the Fabric

There are times where most of us just want to bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich. If we can’t see you, you can’t see us. Unfortunately for people using the Tunnel Chair, people can see you, and you look ridiculous. The Tunnel Chair by Noga Berman creates little nooks and crannies capable of housing various body parts. ...

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Because It’s Friday: A Couch That Looks Like a Giant Cat

It’s about that time again. Our favorite day of the week besides Caturday. In honer of this very special Friday, which happens to land on the 13th, we thought we might share an extra special superstitious piece of Friday goodness. Behold, the Giant Cat Couch, which may or may not be a spooky Giant BLACK Cat Couch.� I don’t know. ...

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Vinyl Sticker Wall Chair: An Excuse To Hoard

In most cases, stacking crap you don’t wanna throw out or just can’t find it in yourself to part with (magazines, mail, soiled diapers, you know, the usual) could be seen as either hoarding or just plain unorganized. The Vinyl Wall Sticker Chair gives you an excuse to stack crap in massive piles on your floor. And that excuse, ironic ...

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Take a Seat: The Keyboard Bench Leaves Key Impressions on Your Ass

When you take 2000 recycled keys off of defunct keyboards and paste them onto a bench made of baltic birch wood, you’re just asking for furniture snobs to turn up their noses in disgust. “But how could you destroy such beautiful wood?” Ahh, shove it up your key-impressed asses. Designed by Nolan Herbut (lol, Her Butt), the Wolfang Keyboard Bench ...

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